Senior Moving

Helping loved ones settle into a new home after many years of memories, friendship and life events in their current home can be difficult. TWO MEN Lawrenceville takes our core value of treating everyone like we’d treat our Grandmothers seriously. Kin or not, we enjoy giving each family the utmost respect. Here’s a few tips on how to help your loved ones transition during their move:

  1. Create a digital photo album of the home they have all their memories in. Use 360 senior movingphotos on a touch-screen photo album for the most comfort.
  2. Donate together. Take unneeded items to a non-profit or collection facility together. This effort will help downsizing become one step easier.
  3. Host a “leaving the neighborhood” BBQ with family and friends. Fun and food bring people closer. Be sure to have their new address on hand for visitors!
  4. Arrange their new bedroom closely to their old bedroom. Let TWO MEN Lawrenceville bring and arrange in their favorite armoire and bookshelves. Our movers can help your loved one’s move become as seamless as possible.

Settling in can be tough for seniors. TWO MEN Lawrenceville can ensure more time with your loved ones during the transition. We’ve got the packing supplies, muscle and proper training to help your move become as efficient as possible.


College Move In Day

Shuffling school supplies, bedding, appliances and furniture into your new dorm, town house or on-campus apartment gets hectic. TWO MEN Lawrenceville has a few tips to prepare for dorm move in day.

  • dorm moving 3Bring a sibling or close relative for emotional support. Whether your parents annoy you, fully support you leaving the nest or are a little uneasy about being away from you until Thanksgiving break, a younger relative will be your best ally. When your parents have their meeting, your relative can direct our movers.
  • DM (direct message) your new roommate before move in day. Get to know them over a few texts, calls or meet ups if possible. Keep in contact before move in day to see when they’re planning on bringing everything upstairs.
  • Ask parents to help you settle in. Getting your family to move your new furniture, appliances, storage materials, technology and dorm essentials can get weird. By using TWO MEN Lawrenceville, your loved ones have time to let the college transition sink in. Plus, if you forgot an extra long charger they’ll go pick one up.
  • Leverage the move in day schedule. Plan out when meals, meeting and mandatory networking will happen. Eat an early breakfast with your family and go over the schedule with them.

Many of our movers, staff and franchisees enjoyed their college experience because of hired help. Consider using TWO MEN Lawrenceville for your student’s move day experience to spend more time helping them settle in.

Move Tip Tuesday

Know a student headed to college soon? They’re probably super excited and a little overwhelmed with packing, saying good-byes and making the most of summer. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville has a few tips for your favorite student:

  1. Ask an upperclassman what they wish they could have done on dorm move-in day. movign with students tip.jpgWisdom, experience and a few pointers from students who’ve been in school a little longer can drastically improve move-in day.
  2. Plan on trips back to see your family. Take the clothes you need, leave what you don’t. Thanksgiving break comes up really quick for Fall Semester classes. Plus, regular trips to see family members means less groceries, laundry expenses and more care packages!
  3. Plan on spending 2-4 hours on dorm move-day organizing with your new roommates. Figuring out where your favorite pens, indoor sweater and secret security blanket is in the dark is a nightmare. Avoid the drama by messaging your roommate/s ahead of time with settling in plans.


Think your college student has move day figured out? Let us know in the comments how they breeze through their move in day!

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Monday Motivation

Reviews are important to us! TWO MEN AND A TRUCK loves getting feedback from families who’ve used our services. Have you seen what customers have said about us on Facebook and Google? We also have internal surveys to better understand how to improve our team. Check out what Kimberly said about us:

277 Review Graphic

Thanks, Kimberly for the Monday Motivation! We’ll let our men know how much you enjoyed your move.

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School Schedule

Are you ready for the new school year to start? We got together with the staff and compiled a easy access back to school calendar!

Back To School

school calendar 277

Gwinnett County School District • Calendar

Monday, August 7, 2017

Forsyth County School District • Calendar

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hall County School District • Calendar

Monday, August 7, 2017

Barrow County School District • Calendar

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Jackson County School District • Calendar

Friday, August 4, 2017

College Registration Fall Term 2017

University of Georgia Registration • Calendar

Registration: Friday, August 10, 2017

Gwinnett Technical College • Calendar

Fall Registration/Payment Due: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Late Registration: August 1-7

Brenau University • Calendar

Registration Deadline: Monday, August 7, 2017

Lanier Technical College • Calendar

Registration: August 3-16

Late Registration: August 17-18

Payment Due: Thursday, August 24, 2017

Georgia Gwinnett College  • Calendar

College Classes begin: Monday, August 14, 2017

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Blast Off This Fourth of July

Looking to throw a spectacular Fourth of July party this weekend but just moved? We have brought together a list of uses for the left over cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to make your Fourth of July party a huge success! Your kids, grand kids, nieces and nephews will love working with these crafts. The best part is you’re up-cycling all the moving materials that you would usually just throw away.

Creative Space Crafts that can add some edge to your Independence Day party:

Shoot for the stars in a Cardboard Rocket!
Rocket drink stand

Water rockets or drink dispensers? Either way your party is going to one to talk about with these! Get blueprints for these Here.


Want something simpler for the little ones? Here’s some straw rockets! Find out more Here.


Cardboard box fort can be more creative! Try making a Cardboard Space Ship to continue with the theme. Find out more Here.

star yard may blog

We love the idea of showing you patriotism on your lawn for all the neighbors to see!

Fourth of July Events in Your Area!


Dunwoody 4th of July Parade

July 4, 2017, 9:00 am
2414-2450 Mount Vernon Road, Dunwoody, GA 30338, USA.

Looking for a free event to bring your family to? This year’s theme is A Small Town In A Big City for this annual Fourth of July Parade. It features marching bands, floats, clowns, animal units and local celebrities. The parade attracted over 2,500 participants and 32,000 spectators last year!

For more information go Here.

For more Fourth of July events in your area checkout events Here.

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Items to Keep with You

It’s going to be a busy weekend so don’t let the summer heat get to you! We are looking to move 5,500 people this Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25. Here’s some more summer friendly items that can make your move go smooth.

  • Bring Water, if you have pets pack a travel bowl for them.
  • I know this may be obvious but keep your keys together and in easy access.
  • Toiletries are a must as well! Anything you need for the morning and night routines so you feel at ease settling into your new home. This can include a shower curtain, toilet paper and basic cleaning supplies.
  • Some basic cooking utensils unless you plan on eating out. Enough for one meal per a person should suffice for the night.
  • Entertainment is usually looked over in the rush of it all.
  • Have a phone charger on hand.
  • Duct tape is another good go to items to keep near while moving.
  • Snack packs are good too!

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Perks of In-Home Estimates (PART 1)

Relocation is one of the top stressors of your lifetime. Adding moving to the list of “learning experiences” isn’t fun. Take it from your Gwinnett and Hall relocation experts, being over-prepared never hurt anyone. Each Wednesday we’ll help you ask the right questions about In-Home Estimates. Here we go:


Why choose a local mover?

-Atlanta traffic is as unpredictable as the weather. If your mover doesn’t live in Gwinnett or Hall county, they might not know how to navigate backroads or the quickest way to your new home without a GPS. As proud members of the Gwinnett and Hall communities, we pride ourselves in finding valuable resources for our customers. Ask your In-Home Estimator for details.

Why not give an inventory over the phone?

-Humans are flawed. Cell service is flawed. Landlines might be more accurate but the weather we’ve recently had caused a few flickers in power. Our move consultants at TWO MEN Lawrenceville do their best to help during your estimate, however homes larger than 3 rooms or with a full basement/attic or in-law suite typically have more items than we remember on the phone.

Why does an In-Home Estimate matter?

-If your family opts for an in-home estimate, chances are you’ve moved before. If this is your first move, get an accurate account of the items you need to bring with you by asking for an in-home estimate.

Why trust a moving company?

-With news, movies and your favorite TV shows highlighting criminals as movers it’s hard to see the good in moving. Look into your potential movers customer reviews on social media. This will give you a feel for how the company treats their customers. Always make sure to use a reputable relocation expert that is licensed, bonded and insured.

Why should TWO MEN AND A TRUCK be part of the moving process?

-Atlanta has a lot of renegade moving companies. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville encourages all of it’s customers to follow Clark Howard’s advice. Use a company that offers a binding estimate, or flat rate. The more flat rates you have, the more educated decision your family can make.

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Right Gift for Dad

We love our Dads but sometimes it can be hard to find the right gift for him. Here are some gift ideas we appreciate that might help you get a move on for Father’s day.

Dad blogThe Cooking Dad

The Dad that likes to cook! Here are some nifty gadgets and treats for that foodie father of yours!

  • Breakfast in bed with DAD Spelled out! How to Here
  • Personalized cooking apron and utensils.
  • These nifty cooking tools linked Here

Short on time? Check out local restaurants, such as BRIO Tuscan Grille, for Father’s Day Specials.

Click here for OpenTable’s list.

The Funny Dad

  1. Dad, did you get a haircut? No I got them all cut.
  2. Dad, can you put my shoes on? No, I don’t think they’ll fit me.
  3. Can I watch the TV? Dad: Yes, but don’t turn it on.
  4. I would avoid the sushi if I was you. It’s a little fishy.
  5. What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.
  6. What’s brown and sticky? A stick.
  7. Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind it’s tearable.

For ways to use these jokes check out this blogs craftiness!


Adopted Dad

Engravings are a great way to personalize a gift to the special father figure in your life! Key chains, pens, picture frames, bottle openers, and everything else can have a special inscription on it. Don’t procrastinate on this gift idea, it takes time to get engravings done.

dad blog 2

The Handy Dad

There is even a personalized hammer for those handy dads out there! You could also try some of the listed below ideas.

  • “If Papa Can’t Fix it…” sign found Here
  • Up cycling some of his old tools for personalized gifts is a good idea too…but ask first! Here

For more gift ideas check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Father’s Day Pinterest Board!

Movers for Moms 2017 in Hall and Gwinnett Counties

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee is proud to have partnered with My Sister’s Place of Gainesville to help ladies and their families in need. My Sister’s Place helps families transition from domestic violence to prosperity. They also help families avoid homelessness and provide job placement assistance.

Your super Suwanee movers spread the word about Movers for Moms involvement with My Sister’s Place at the Suwanee Beer Fest, Daffodil Dash 5K, Gwinnett Beer Fest and Paws in the Park. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee helped collect over 500 items and was even featured on CBS46’s Atlanta Plugged In during our Movers for Moms program. Check out what CBS46 had to say about Movers for Moms here.


As greater ATL’s top mover, we’d love to keep giving back year-round to as many non-profits as possible. Help us reach more families and individuals in need by letting us know about your favorite non-profits in the comments section or email via

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