Changing Your Address

Letting companies, friends and family know about your new address is an important step in the moving process. Here’s a list of places and people you should notify about your change of address.


The USPS offers change of address services online for $1. The fee is to prevent fraud, but they will waive it if you visit a USPS office in person. This is a good catch-all for mail from senders that don’t have your new address. You can visit their site here.

Friends and Family

Let those close to you know that you have a new address. This can save a lot of birthday card confusion. Making a list of everyone you think should know your new address will save time.


Correspondence with your bank is very important for statements, so you should let them know that you’ll be moving. It’s also important to have a correct billing address associated with your debit card as some online merchants flag orders as potentially fraudulent if there are mismatches between shipping and billing addresses as well.

Driver’s License

Every state in the US requires people to update the address on their driver’s license within a reasonable period, usually 30-90 days. If your state allows municipalities to have red light cameras (like Georgia) and you accidentally run one, they’ll send your ticket to the address associated with the driver’s license of the vehicle owner. If they send this to an old address, you may not be notified and end up in trouble.

Avoiding Identity Theft

A common way for identity thieves to purchase or open accounts in your name is by using an old address of yours to ship items or new credit cards to. Since you didn’t update your address with lenders or USPS, these companies won’t know that you no longer live there.

State Election Office

If you’ve moved cities, it’s important that you let your local election office know. It’s important to always keep your address up-to-date with state election offices, especially if you live in a state with oppressive or restrictive voter registration practices.

Other Services

A few other services you should notify of you address change include magazine subscriptions, subscription boxes (like NatureBox, Chewy, etc), financial lenders, organizations, clubs, catalogs, insurance companies, crowdfunding sites, Amazon and any other online retailers.

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