5 Ways to Upcycle Used Moving Boxes

So you’ve finished your move and now you’re left with a bunch of used moving boxes. Apart from recycling, there are a lot of ways you can repurpose cardboard boxes for use in your home.


With Halloween around the corner, you can definitely use cardboard to create a costume or house decorations. Similar to pumpkin carving, you can carve a durable ornament like a bat, mini coffin, or even a spider with fishing line.

Dispenser Box

Organize those pesky plastic shopping bags in your pantry by turning a small cardboard box into a bag dispenser. If you want something quick, just place your bags inside your box and interlock the flaps. If you want something that looks nicer, you can place the bags inside, tape the top flaps normally, and cut out a knuckle-sized slit at the top for bag removal.

For extra points, use your cardboard boxes to create a candy dispenser! This is a great weekend activity, especially if you have children.


Have any clothes or items you want to stash away? Cardboard boxes are a great way to package those things up and keep them protected. Be warned though, dirty cardboard boxes (like the ones you can source for free) can be dirty or infested. Check out our article about the dangers of using low-quality boxes.

Cat Bed

Have a feline friend? They probably love cardboard. Cut the flaps off of a box, make a trapezoid-shaped cutout on one of the sides, and presto! You have a bed that your cat will definitely enjoy.

Scratching Post

Continuing the previous subject of cats, cardboard can make a great scratching post. Start by making long, 3-6 inch tall strips of cardboard. Using non-toxic glue, glue the strips in a tight spiral until the spiral is about the size of your cat when they’re snoozing. Once the glue has dried, your cat can take their frustrations out on your DIY scratching post instead of your furniture. 

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways that you can upcycle your leftover cardboard boxes. Can you think of any ideas that we didn’t mention? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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