Dangers of Using Low-Quality Boxes

When you start your moving process, it may be alluring to save money by sourcing low-quality boxes. There are a few concerns to have if you go through with that, though.

Cheap boxes are usually weak and can break easily

Cardboard boxes lose strength and durability with extended use, especially boxes that merchandisers use. If a cardboard box breaks while moving, you not only have to worry about the damage to the items that fall, but you also have to worry about any damages to the flooring and any personal injuries you’ve sustained. Imagine moving with a broken toe!

Quality moving boxes are made with strong cardboard, so your boxes don’t sag or break.

Cheap boxes are not as versatile as quality ones

Quality moving boxes have different sizes that are all consistent. This helps when loading your belongings. Also, they usually have handles to help you carry them and tabs on the top flaps of the box to keep the box open while you load them with your belongings.

Cheap boxes could be infested with pests

Did you know that there are house pests that eat cardboard? They’re pretty common too. Furthermore, boxes that are sourced from restaurants or grocery stores are more likely to be infested.

Cheap boxes can be dirty

Used cardboard boxes that are soiled can stain or dirty your belongings. This can cause damage to items, especially clothing and upholstery.

You’re not saving that much money

Boxes are cheap now-a-days. Depending on size, they generally range between $1 to $3 making them affordable for most moving budgets. There may not be that much of a difference in costs once you factor in the time you spend finding free boxes either.

Some of our moving supplies.

In conclusion, you should probably consider buying new boxes for your upcoming move if you want to keep it your move easy, your belongings clean and your new home pest-free.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Suwanee offers moving supplies at a competitive rate. We have boxes of every size and specialty boxes for unique items, like mirrors, lamps and dish packs. We also have mattress bags, wrapping paper, packaging tape and more. Call us at (678) 235-9850 for more information!

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