How to Properly Move your Fridge

If you’re moving yourself, it’s important to properly pack expensive items like a fridge so they aren’t damaged during the moving process. This is largely because most auto and home insurance offers minimal coverage when your belongings are damaged in a personal or rented vehicle.

Prepare your fridge for moving by emptying its contents. If you plan on keeping anything in the fridge, throw it in a cooler on moving day. Clean all surfaces and defrost the fridge. This is important, because if this step isn’t performed, your fridge will develop a nasty odor when moved into your new home. The fridge should be dry to the touch before loading it.

Take out any removable elements in your fridge, like shelving and drawers. This will reduce any moving while on the road and give added protection to your fridge’s components when packaged properly.

Take measurements of your fridge and make sure that it has enough clearance to move out of your house. Sometimes this requires taking a door off its hinges or disassembling the doors for your fridge. Be sure to keep up with any screws that are moved around.

Carpet shield

Protecting your floors is very important when moving large appliances like a fridge. If you don’t have a carpet shield, a dolly should be fine.

Be sure to secure the doors of your fridge with rope or bungee cords. Secure the power cable by taping it to one of the sides of your fridge. If your fridge is a high-end unit, it’s probably a good idea to wrap it with a blanket and plastic wrap. This will protect it from any dings during the moving process.

Load the fridge onto your moving truck carefully. Once secure inside the truck, load your other items and make the journey to your new home. The unpacking process is almost similar. Ensure the fridge’s clearance when moving and protect your flooring, and your fridge should be ready to rock in your new house!

If you don’t want to worry about the stress of moving something like a fridge, moving companies are professionally trained to pack large items and offer coverage options just in case. If you’re moving soon, be sure to give us a call at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Suwanee to learn about our safety practices and how we care for your belongings. (678) 926-9268

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