Is Moving by Myself Worth it?

The question that daunts everyone on the move: should I hire movers or should I just do it myself? There are a lot of factors to consider, like cost, time constraints, and the complexity of your move. If you’re planning to move, it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring movers over moving yourself.

Moving by Yourself

If you need to spend as little on your move as possiblemoving by yourself may seem alluring. Most DIY moves are cheaper than hiring a moving company, but many people aren’t willing to justify these minimal savings when they factor in the added time and effort of moving themselves.

Furthermore, there are a lot of hidden costs that can eat up your moving budget when moving yourself. After truck rental fees and gas costs, you will probably need moving blankets and rope to cushion and secure your belongings while on the road, as well as a dolly to transport large appliances. There’s also the time and energy you’ll lose packing and unpacking.

Hiring a Moving Company

Most homeowners and auto insurance only offer limited coverage for damaged possessions if you transport them in a private or rented vehicle. Long story short, it’s on you if anything is damaged when moving yourself.

If you’re concerned about the protection of your belongings during your move, many moving companies offer liability protection and valuation coverage for your belongings. For example, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Suwanee offers 100% liability protection for anything packed in our boxes by our professional movers. We also offer other valuation coverage options.


Choosing how you move is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make during the moving process

If you’ve read all of this and are leaning towards hiring a moving company, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Suwanee would love to give you advice. Feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation zero-cost estimate at (678) 926-9268.

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