Staying Tidy in Autumn

As the leaves start falling, the days get shorter, and the mornings get colder, it may be a good idea to revisit that Spring cleaning list you made earlier in the year. Here are a few household cleaning and organization tasks that may be helpful to do again.

Check your smoke alarm batteries

While home fires can happen any time, they increase during the fall and winter. Make sure they are powered and operational by using their test button. If the sound is weak or nonexistent, replace its batteries. While the movers are there rearranging your living room for gameday, let them know you want them to check the batteries and we’d be glad to!

Clean out your gutters

With foliage falling all around, it’s important that you keep your gutters clean and unobstructed to protect that foundation of your house.

Have a pool? It may be a good idea to drain it.

Since it’s likely that your pool won’t be getting any visitors for a while, take the time to drain the water and clean its interior so it’ll be fresh and ready for Spring!

Clean out and re-organize your pantry

Prepare for the long nights and winter storms by making some room in your cupboard. Throw out any expired food and be sure to clean and vacuum the shelves as well.

Make sure your doors and windows are Winter-ready

Protect your house from the cold weather by making sure your doors and windows have proper weather-stripping. This can also save you money on your AC bill.

Re-organize your wardrobe

New season, new you! Pack up those tank tops and summer dresses and replace them with jackets and ugly sweaters. Hire TWO MEN AND A TRUCK to come pack your summer wardrobe away. We offer climate-controlled and warehouse storage at our Gainesville location if your attic is running out of space. Give us a call for a free storage or packing estimate at (678) 235-9850!


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