Tips For Senior Moving

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Moving in general is very tough mentally and physically. It’s hard on the kids as well as the parents. Seniors however have much more to deal with. In honor of senior moving month, this is an article about senior moving tips. 


Seniors have developed attachments to their home and belongings. It’s much more difficult for them to move on. It’s best to speak with them about their new living situation. This can help them adjust and ease their mind about their new home.


Planning is key for the move. How big is the new home? Which items are they keeping and which are to be donated or thrown away? Measure rooms to make sure certain items can fit into them. This will not only ease seniors, but also the movers.

Reaching out to friends and family

A good support system is important for a senior. Reaching out to friends or even grandchildren are critical. There is nothing like spending time with the kids or friends to take their mind off a stressful move.


With seniors downsizing is most likely. You will need time to go room to room to decide what items need to go. It’s best to decide which items have the most sentimental value. That way the process will be much easier and you can get rid of the unwanted items.

Professional Help

lastly, the best option should be to call the pros like us! Two Men And A Truck specialize in senior moving services. We can ease your pain and make your move go much smoother.

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