Best Snacks For Game Day!

white american football helmet and pigskin ball
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Here is my list of the top snacks when watching the Football Game. When you get the urge to eat, these snacks will never let you down.

Buffalo Wings

Nothing says Football like wings. If your out or if you decide to stay in and watch the game, there is not a better choice. My favorite wings are from the Publix Deli. They have plenty of choices like Lemon pepper or teriyaki .


Nachos are a definite go to, when it comes to Football. You have to have the perfect dip too! Whether it be queso or Guacamole, you can never go wrong! So fix a plate and place out the dip.

Hot Dogs

I never said this would be a healthy list! Hot Dogs are a wonderful choice for your party. It’s always a good idea to have some fixings like  coleslaw or diced onions. I also prefer grilled hot dogs over boiled.

These are just some of my favorites when it comes to game day. It all depends on your taste to make your game day the tastiest it can be!


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