Doing Stretches Before Moving?

woman stretching her leg
Photo by Nathan Cowley on

Stretching  and warming up is very important before exercise. Ever thought about doing it before a move? Well it’s something we at Two Men And A Truck are very serious about with our team members.

Prevents Injuries

Doing stretches helps raise your body temperate of your body. That way your muscles will be ready for exercise and you will be less likely to have an injury. The last thing you want is have to visit your doctor with back problems.

Blood And Oxygen

Warming up also gets your heart rate up and allows blood and oxygen to flow to your muscles. This gets your body ready to burn more energy. Usually give to ten minutes is more than enough to get you ready.

Doing Stretches The Right Way

It’s important to do your stretches correctly. If not you could have pain, and this is never a good sign. It’s also important to hold your stretches for 10-30 seconds, as this can help your muscles lengthen.

Cooling Down

it’s also important to cool down after you have been exercising. Stretching after you have exercise will help you avoid being tired, stiff, and sore. This means your muscles will be relaxed.

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