Helping Your Kids Deal With Moves

photography of family near pine tree
Photo by Amber Morse on

No matter how far your move is, children react differently to moving than adults. It can be a stressful thing for their long minds to take in. Leaving a school where they had friends or just having trouble adjusting to new surrounds to be hard.

One thing to do is to make sure your truthful to your kids about your move. Explain to them why you are moving and be receptive to their reactions. Kids don’t always understand why things are happening and be scared of these changes.

Involving your kids in the moving process that be helpful. Make them feel like they are apart of this process. If your moving to a new house that is being built, it may be a great idea to take them and show them the progress. Explore the new neighborhood with your children and make them feel comfortable.

Once you’re moved in, take them to their room. Have them assist moving things into their room. Make them feel apart of the move. This can help them have a sense of familiarity. A move can be challenging, but speaking with your kids and involving them to help towards a smoother transition.

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