10 Secrets to a Great In-Law Visit

Love them or loathe them, your in-laws will come by soon. TWO MEN Lawrenceville has a few tips for those trips, vacations and drop-in visits in the weeks to come!

  1. Let them spoil your spouse/kids. Grandparents paid their dues by raising kids. Within reason, new clothing will lighten your budget for a little while. Offer up a zoo or aquarium visit for quality bonding time.
  2.  Use temporary storage. Have a meddling in-law who’s always poking around? Empty out your junk drawers, extra closets and basement/attic. TWO MEN Lawrenceville will pack and store your items onsite! Less doors to lock.
  3. Organize your home/car with your spouse/child present. Your family will need to know where things are once in-laws are present. Cleaning up together can help!
  4. De-clutter your shared living spaces. Pinterest has tips for rearranging living rooms! Let TWO MEN Suwanee take the sweat out of rearranging your space.
  5. Exersize mandatory naptime. Relax with a little nap. Can’t sleep? Bring a nice book or fully charged device to watch your shows. Sneak in “me-time” between events.
  6. Breathe. Follow your in-laws’ lead. Less fighting, more quality time.
  7. Keep it real. Seriously, be honest with your family. Voice your concerns calmly and concisely. Everything will blow over in a few minutes.
  8. Stick with a lose schedule. Togetherness is measured by memories. Watching Netflix or grocery shopping can take hours with extended family. Don’t be a clock-watcher.
  9. Have simple activities on hand. Chalk, board games, dominos, cards, seeds to plant- easy tasks can turn into your loved one’s favorite memories.
  10. Keep coffee, tea and wine/sparkling cider close. Sweet drinks can boost moods!


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