5 Questions to Ask Before You Move

Starting or combining families is an art. TWO MEN Lawrenceville does the heavy lifting after you and your loved ones come to a consensus. Ask your fiance and/or in-laws a few things first:

  1. What can you live without? Future roommates bring all kinds of treasures with them. Evaluate what will be passed down and what needs to be donated. Compromise with photos!
  2. Who has the final say on decor? Consider the size of each shared living space. If multiple generations live together, make a few trips to IKEA or Target so everyone feels included.
  3. Does your current furniture match your new space? Research Pinterest for home accent, gardening and space-saving tips. Even large homes can get crowded if everyone wants to hang around the same room. TWO MEN Lawrenceville can take old appliances and furniture to the dump so y’all can upgrade!
  4. What does me-time look like for everyone? Art corners, cozy reading nooks, gym time, outdoor adventures or TV time- figure out how your new roommates relax. Boundaries work better when everyone knows hubby must watch the game.
  5. Are family dinners important? Work, hobbies and life can rearrange your scheduled time together. Flexibility is key! Try video dinners or watch something over the phone around mealtime.

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