Beginner’s Guide to Storage

Antiques, family keepsakes and out-of-season clothing take up a lot of space. Use our Lawrenceville staff’s tips to store smarter.


Get several in-home estimates. Shopping professional relocation companies helps map out the exact size needed to store your belongings.

Line up insurance before your move. Moving insurance in Georgia is mandatory. Check the highest valued box. Better prepared than unprepared.

Choose a facility near your favorite movers. Leaving the country? Keep your items safe at TWO MEN Lawrenceville’s storage site.

Clearly label boxes. Pinterest printouts, anyone? TWO MEN Lawrenceville will take photos and number each box if you’d like to pull different items out between spaces.

Time. Deciding how long your items will be in storage can be difficult. See if your storage facility has competitive yearly rates.

Use clean boxes. New, fresh out of the box, boxes are a must for short and long-term storage. Old boxes & storage containers can attract creatures. Ew!

Keep in contact with your storage facility. Managers, service reps and owners can change locations. Having a singular point person matters.

Hire professional movers to store your belongings. Getting heirlooms, old clothes or family items out of your home and into storage safely matters! TWO MEN Lawrenceville is trained on 2018’s best safe moving practices. We treat your items as if they were our own.

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