Christmas Travel Made Simple

Driving, flying or walking down the street isn’t as easy as it used to be. TWO MEN Lawrenceville understands. Our staff has 5 holiday travel tips for your venture home.

  1. Snacks are a must. Healthy things, leftovers from Christmas or even a milkshake on the way home does wonders. Don’t forget napkins!
  2. Phone charger(s). External batteries aren’t always airline friendly. Check with your carrier and airline web site before putting your favorite battery in your bag. Mailing items that won’t fly with you is always an option.
  3. Be kind. Everyone wants to get home. Laughing together is a great way to pass the time. Making new friends by the train, bus or airport coffee shop
  4. Nap when you can. Leftover laundry, dishes, household cleaning and yard work might greet you upon return. Enjoy the few hours of quiet while you can. Rest up, y’all!
  5. Research your next project. TWO MEN Lawrenceville understands taking down Christmas decorations isn’t easy. Check out what people have said about our services (see right column links). Interior moves are simple with your Lawrenceville moving professionals!


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