ADMH’s Ride for Health

admh run thiiiiisSunday, 8/13, our staff volunteered our sweat and pedaling skills at CycleBar Dunwoody to support ADMH (Adult Disability Medical Home). Truthfully, our staff was both terrified and really excited about the opportunity to give back through spin class. We researched through videos, articles and asked friends about their experiences with spin class. None of this compares to the comfort and helpfulness we trust ADMH.

Previously, TWO MEN Lawrenceville has helped ADMH set up their annual 5K/1K for Health. Our movers loved stretching with all the runners! After the run, our staff helped ADMH staff break event items down. We’re excited to do more cardio for a great cause in September at ADMH’s Run for Health. Indoor cycling wasn’t as intense because our staff knew we’d be helping families in need.

Danielle, CycleBar‘s instructor was very helpful in guiding our ride. All 5 staff members who joined did better than expected! In our class of 42+ volunteer riders, we placed mid-low range. None of us had ever taken a cycling class but really enjoyed the atmosphere. Many thanks to Amanda from ADMH for asking us to volunteer and setting everything up!



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