Senior Moving

Helping loved ones settle into a new home after many years of memories, friendship and life events in their current home can be difficult. TWO MEN Lawrenceville takes our core value of treating everyone like we’d treat our Grandmothers seriously. Kin or not, we enjoy giving each family the utmost respect. Here’s a few tips on how to help your loved ones transition during their move:

  1. Create a digital photo album of the home they have all their memories in. Use 360 senior movingphotos on a touch-screen photo album for the most comfort.
  2. Donate together. Take unneeded items to a non-profit or collection facility together. This effort will help downsizing become one step easier.
  3. Host a “leaving the neighborhood” BBQ with family and friends. Fun and food bring people closer. Be sure to have their new address on hand for visitors!
  4. Arrange their new bedroom closely to their old bedroom. Let TWO MEN Lawrenceville bring and arrange in their favorite armoire and bookshelves. Our movers can help your loved one’s move become as seamless as possible.

Settling in can be tough for seniors. TWO MEN Lawrenceville can ensure more time with your loved ones during the transition. We’ve got the packing supplies, muscle and proper training to help your move become as efficient as possible.

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