College Move In Day

Shuffling school supplies, bedding, appliances and furniture into your new dorm, town house or on-campus apartment gets hectic. TWO MEN Lawrenceville has a few tips to prepare for dorm move in day.

  • dorm moving 3Bring a sibling or close relative for emotional support. Whether your parents annoy you, fully support you leaving the nest or are a little uneasy about being away from you until Thanksgiving break, a younger relative will be your best ally. When your parents have their meeting, your relative can direct our movers.
  • DM (direct message) your new roommate before move in day. Get to know them over a few texts, calls or meet ups if possible. Keep in contact before move in day to see when they’re planning on bringing everything upstairs.
  • Ask parents to help you settle in. Getting your family to move your new furniture, appliances, storage materials, technology and dorm essentials can get weird. By using TWO MEN Lawrenceville, your loved ones have time to let the college transition sink in. Plus, if you forgot an extra long charger they’ll go pick one up.
  • Leverage the move in day schedule. Plan out when meals, meeting and mandatory networking will happen. Eat an early breakfast with your family and go over the schedule with them.

Many of our movers, staff and franchisees enjoyed their college experience because of hired help. Consider using TWO MEN Lawrenceville for your student’s move day experience to spend more time helping them settle in.

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