Move Tip Tuesday

Know a student headed to college soon? They’re probably super excited and a little overwhelmed with packing, saying good-byes and making the most of summer. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville has a few tips for your favorite student:

  1. Ask an upperclassman what they wish they could have done on dorm move-in day. movign with students tip.jpgWisdom, experience and a few pointers from students who’ve been in school a little longer can drastically improve move-in day.
  2. Plan on trips back to see your family. Take the clothes you need, leave what you don’t. Thanksgiving break comes up really quick for Fall Semester classes. Plus, regular trips to see family members means less groceries, laundry expenses and more care packages!
  3. Plan on spending 2-4 hours on dorm move-day organizing with your new roommates. Figuring out where your favorite pens, indoor sweater and secret security blanket is in the dark is a nightmare. Avoid the drama by messaging your roommate/s ahead of time with settling in plans.


Think your college student has move day figured out? Let us know in the comments how they breeze through their move in day!

Looking for back to school ideas we have a board for that! pinterest_favicon-01 Back to School.

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