Perks of In-Home Estimates (PART 1)

Relocation is one of the top stressors of your lifetime. Adding moving to the list of “learning experiences” isn’t fun. Take it from your Gwinnett and Hall relocation experts, being over-prepared never hurt anyone. Each Wednesday we’ll help you ask the right questions about In-Home Estimates. Here we go:


Why choose a local mover?

-Atlanta traffic is as unpredictable as the weather. If your mover doesn’t live in Gwinnett or Hall county, they might not know how to navigate backroads or the quickest way to your new home without a GPS. As proud members of the Gwinnett and Hall communities, we pride ourselves in finding valuable resources for our customers. Ask your In-Home Estimator for details.

Why not give an inventory over the phone?

-Humans are flawed. Cell service is flawed. Landlines might be more accurate but the weather we’ve recently had caused a few flickers in power. Our move consultants at TWO MEN Lawrenceville do their best to help during your estimate, however homes larger than 3 rooms or with a full basement/attic or in-law suite typically have more items than we remember on the phone.

Why does an In-Home Estimate matter?

-If your family opts for an in-home estimate, chances are you’ve moved before. If this is your first move, get an accurate account of the items you need to bring with you by asking for an in-home estimate.

Why trust a moving company?

-With news, movies and your favorite TV shows highlighting criminals as movers it’s hard to see the good in moving. Look into your potential movers customer reviews on social media. This will give you a feel for how the company treats their customers. Always make sure to use a reputable relocation expert that is licensed, bonded and insured.

Why should TWO MEN AND A TRUCK be part of the moving process?

-Atlanta has a lot of renegade moving companies. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville encourages all of it’s customers to follow Clark Howard’s advice. Use a company that offers a binding estimate, or flat rate. The more flat rates you have, the more educated decision your family can make.

For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.

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