SAFFT, Friends of Foster Families

Supporting Adoption and Foster Families Together (SAFFT) started in 2009 in Forsyth County. As an OG support group for foster parents, SAFFT aimed to strengthen the Metro Atlanta fostering system. Since 2009, SAFFT has grown to encompass a second location in Hall County and expand to empower more families in a variety of ways.


Fostering can be rough! Carting kids to doctor’s appointments, therapy seeions, school registration and other errands adds up fast. Not to mention the additional allergies, sicknesses or adjustment phase each child goes through when transitioning to a new home. No time to recoup, huh? SAFFT aims to keep kids closeby their biolical parents. Instead of hammering DFCS victims with rules, regulations and crazy procedures, SAFFT makes every effort to piece families back together by offering:

-supervised visitation with fosters and birth families

-family therapy

kid-conflict avoidance training

-a Christian-based mentor program

-scholarships for foster children

-support group meetings

-to deliver a week’s worth of meals to new foster families

-Licenced psycological and councilors on staff

-Parent’s Night Out once a month for biological and foster kids (3 hours of freedom, y’all!)


In addtion to having a heart for children, SAFFT also has a heart for the community. They keep an extended closet the size of a warehouse loaded with resources for foster families. Need an extra crib for a transitioning child? SAFFT has those. Looking to buy a few extra carseats for the twins who’ll be staying with your family for a while? Ask SAFFT to go closet shopping real quick. Not sure where to find another kid’s comforter short notice? Call SAFFT to see if they’ve got your preferred-sized linen. Toys shopping? Nah, poke around the community closet first!

Earlier in the year, SAFFT put on a color run in Forsyth but next weekend they’ve got a Glow Out the Dark 5K to celebrate their new kid-4Gainesville location! The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Suwanee team is proud to partner with SAFFT on November 19. We’ve already started shopping for battery and solar powered lights for our favorite friend, Truckie. Stay tuned on social for all the glowing details.



We’re thrilled to help SAFFT rebuild families by lovingly encouraging biological parents. Progress, not perfection. Everyone makes mistakes! It’s up to our communities in the Metro Atlanta area to team up together and help protect and praise caregivers as they work through DFCS, negative divorces or domestic abuse situations.

Thank you from the Suwanee Movers Who Care to all the friendly families who’ve broken the cycle for these sweet foster kids. Keep up the good work!

For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.


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