What No One Tells You About Packing

Ever taken inventory of your belongings? Do you hate doing laundry but love clean clothes? Is your favorite thing to do sleep in on the weekends? Simple questions with complicated answers when its time to move. Packing + life = hard. We’ve found a couple tricks to make packing a little easier.


Day of Move boxes also double as treasure chests.

-The sooner your start, the faster everything will be packed.

-Cool weather outside means you’re less likely to break a sweat running around the house.

-Use the clean, bugless, fresh boxes and you won’t stay up wondering if your favorite sweater will have a hole in it by the time you move.

-Give each little helper their own “moving box” for special treasures. Tape up the box and ask them to decorate to be able to play with treasures faster on move day. Endless ideas, more time to pack without distraction.


Clear out the clutter with a little help from the Movers Who Care.


-Everything gets tangled and unorganized. Try using color dots or labels on two sides of each box for better visibility.

-Getting rid of clutter is obnoxious and hard. Make a quick compromise list before the chaos begins. Less headaches later :]

-Trips to donation sites become tedious. For assistance or a little extra muscle getting all the junk out of the basement, just ask the Suwanee Movers Who Care.

-Not sure where to start, end or if you actually have the time to pack? We got you. Consult actual customers who’ve put our professionalism to the test. An educated customer makes a wiser choice.

For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.



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