Jams + Packing = Success

Gwinnett, packing can be a huge pain. Music can both pump up your packing and keep you focused. Whether you’re a SoundCloud, Pandora, Apple Music or Spotify fan- whatever works, use it! If you prefer your own personal stash of records, CDs, tapes or MP4s use our list to change up your packing pace.


STEP 1 : How to judge your pack time

  1. Add 4 hours to your current projected time frame
  2. Make sure you’ve got clean boxes
  3. Find the tape and scissors
  4. Make a move chart with stickers

**Optional: Prepare yourself with snacks

Two Men and a Truck Suwanee snacks


Step 2: How to music yourself out of a packing funk

  1. Upbeat artists, randomized
    1. Jack Johnson (Easy-going)
    2. John Mayer (Good cry)
    3. Marron 5 (Pop)
    4. Rihanna (Pop, R&B, female artists)**
    5. Phillips, Craig & Dean (contemporary Christian)
    6. “Pop, Lock and Drop It” (Early 2000’s hip-hop, rap)**
    7. Bruno Mars (Pop)
  1. Downtempo artists, randomized
    1. Tycho (Ambient- great for a night or early morning pack)
    2. Beethoven (Classical)
    3. Bing Crosby Christmas (Holiday, why not)
    4. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (Reggae)

Packing playlist

**Most music streaming sources might throw in a few unedited songs here. Check out a different musical route to help packing with your family run smoother.

Happy packing to all! Check back for more packing tips and tricks.

For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.

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