4th of July To-Do List

It’s firework season, y’all! The heat is on to find a cool spot on the lake. Poolside, everyone is in line to use the neighborhood grill. No word yet on the weather, but we’re hoping for clear skies for the fireworks. Pull up a chair, grab a cool drink and get ready for the hottest day of Suwanee’s summer.

Come July 4th, we hope your family remembers to have some safe fun! Here are a couple ways to make sure everyone stays happy.

  1. Pack a day snack bag for the drive. If you’ll be walking around town for most of the day, give each child a gym bag with their own snacks and extra water. Less for the parents to carry, less complaints from the kids.
  1. Swimsuits at the ready! One of the kids will inevitably find a fountain, sprinkler, splash pad, pool or lake to jump into. Rein in the wet mess early by packing a swim suit for everyone. Towels are highly recommended but not necessary. Most of the time, playgrounds will help dry everyone off.

Two Men and a Truck Suwanee 4th of July Tips

  1. Don’t forget raincoats. There’s something about a sunny rain shower that Georgia natives won’t even question. We know why everything is always green here. It rains. A lot. Just because the sun is out and there aren’t any visible clouds doesn’t mean it won’t rain come nightfall. Keep the family rain jackets in the car just in case.

Two Men and a Truck Lawrenceville Safe 4th of July

  1. Remember to bring a trash bag. Food waste accumulates during the 4th, especially while grilling. Even if your 4th of July doesn’t involve your family cooking, there will be food. A couple extra shopping bags and trash bags will come in handy for waste, pet droppings, wet clothes, foodstuff and wet bathing suits or towels. Use one big bag for the wet clothing, swim suits and towels so they don’t accidentally get thrown away.
  1. Bring extra water. It’s usually hot, humid and sticky during East Metro Atlanta 4th Sweating out the heat means you’ll need to replenish the water somehow. Carrying a cooler full of water or sports drinks will help. Plus, all that grilling makes for a thirsty family.
  1. Don’t forget your pets at home. Most firework sites are pet friendly! We’re not saying your furry friend will like the noise, but at least take them with you during the day. Bring a small bowl to put water in periodically. Sight-seeing together will be fun! Your four-legged friend will be sure to give you lots of kisses later.

Two Men and a Truck Lawrenceville Pet Friendly 4th of July

  1. Stay safe. There’s nothing worse than seeing ambulance lights on 4th of July. We recommend pairing up with another family so each kid has a buddy throughout the day. Walkie-talkies work wonders for those who don’t have a phone yet. With all the festivities in Suwanee, Flowery Branch and Lawrenceville, please make sure your family has a safe outing. Two Men and a Truck Suwanee does not endorse nor recommend reckless behavior.

    For more ideas on how to get packing check out our pinterest_favicon-01 Pinterest.

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