Beginner’s Guide to Storage

Antiques, family keepsakes and out-of-season clothing take up a lot of space. Use our Lawrenceville staff’s tips to store smarter.


Get several in-home estimates. Shopping professional relocation companies helps map out the exact size needed to store your belongings.

Line up insurance before your move. Moving insurance in Georgia is mandatory. Check the highest valued box. Better prepared than unprepared.

Choose a facility near your favorite movers. Leaving the country? Keep your items safe at TWO MEN Lawrenceville’s storage site.

Clearly label boxes. Pinterest printouts, anyone? TWO MEN Lawrenceville will take photos and number each box if you’d like to pull different items out between spaces.

Time. Deciding how long your items will be in storage can be difficult. See if your storage facility has competitive yearly rates.

Use clean boxes. New, fresh out of the box, boxes are a must for short and long-term storage. Old boxes & storage containers can attract creatures. Ew!

Keep in contact with your storage facility. Managers, service reps and owners can change locations. Having a singular point person matters.

Hire professional movers to store your belongings. Getting heirlooms, old clothes or family items out of your home and into storage safely matters! TWO MEN Lawrenceville is trained on 2018’s best safe moving practices. We treat your items as if they were our own.


4 Ways to Pack Smarter

Finding a new home, closing processes and utilities are a full-time project. Throw packing into the mix and its a party! TWO MEN L’ville has 4 easy tips for a smooth DIY pack party.

  1. Invite A-type personalities. Packing parties require a lot of trust and coordination. Food/beverages are a must. Keep your DIY packing parties simple with organized fun.
  2. Plan. Pinterest has color coordination plans, floor plan guides and packing on a budget ideas.
  3. Utilize all resources. Have a vacation, major school/work project due before your move date? TWO MEN Lawrenceville can pack for you!
  4. Mark your first week boxes. Finding what your family needs to settle in should be your top priority.

Leave Clutter in 2017

Organization can be daunting! Christmas presents, unwanted gifts from holiday parties and last-minute purchases take up space. TWO MEN Lawrenceville has 4 tips on bringing in 2018 with less clutter:

  1. Commit to a 2017 purge. Before NYE festivities, spend the last weekend of year getting rid of unnecessary junk. Make 3 piles; keep, maybe keep and dispose. Call TWO MEN Lawrenceville and have fresh boxes delivered to your door for the “maybe keep” pile.
  2. Donate! Some items in the “dispose” pile can be donated to Goodwill, homeless shelters or your favorite charity. Trash the small stuff. TWO MEN Lawrenceville can pickup your unwanted appliances and indoor furniture! We’ll take all donations to your charity of choice and used appliances (or any of the above to the dump). One less thing to hide when company comes for New Years brunch.
  3. Recycle. Paper, plastic, paint, metals and about 15 other product types can be recycled near you. Even your leftover Christmas tree/s!
  4. Re-organize. Little compares to the feeling or re-organized furniture. If you’re planning on spending 2018 in the same home, rearrange your appliances and furniture for a new feel in the same space. TWO MEN Lawrenceville does interior moving so you don’t have to. Point us in the right direction with a drawn out map and supervise with a relaxing beverage.

Christmas Travel Made Simple

Driving, flying or walking down the street isn’t as easy as it used to be. TWO MEN Lawrenceville understands. Our staff has 5 holiday travel tips for your venture home.

  1. Snacks are a must. Healthy things, leftovers from Christmas or even a milkshake on the way home does wonders. Don’t forget napkins!
  2. Phone charger(s). External batteries aren’t always airline friendly. Check with your carrier and airline web site before putting your favorite battery in your bag. Mailing items that won’t fly with you is always an option.
  3. Be kind. Everyone wants to get home. Laughing together is a great way to pass the time. Making new friends by the train, bus or airport coffee shop
  4. Nap when you can. Leftover laundry, dishes, household cleaning and yard work might greet you upon return. Enjoy the few hours of quiet while you can. Rest up, y’all!
  5. Research your next project. TWO MEN Lawrenceville understands taking down Christmas decorations isn’t easy. Check out what people have said about our services (see right column links). Interior moves are simple with your Lawrenceville moving professionals!


Weathering the Storm

Moving can be a full-time job, frustration or fun. It’s all about how much planning you put into your move. Relocation during a rainstorm can leave you with a lot more to clean. Our movers and staff recommend the following items to keep it all breezy:

-cardboard (threshold/door frame prep)

-painting tarps (thick cloth recommended)

-water & snacks

-first week needs packed separately (leave this on the kitchen table)

-tool kit (trust)

-fresh, clean moving boxes

-dependable moving transportation (preferably clean)

TWO MEN Lawrenceville wishes you and yours a safe move! Let us know when you need us.



ADMH’s Ride for Health

admh run thiiiiisSunday, 8/13, our staff volunteered our sweat and pedaling skills at CycleBar Dunwoody to support ADMH (Adult Disability Medical Home). Truthfully, our staff was both terrified and really excited about the opportunity to give back through spin class. We researched through videos, articles and asked friends about their experiences with spin class. None of this compares to the comfort and helpfulness we trust ADMH.

Previously, TWO MEN Lawrenceville has helped ADMH set up their annual 5K/1K for Health. Our movers loved stretching with all the runners! After the run, our staff helped ADMH staff break event items down. We’re excited to do more cardio for a great cause in September at ADMH’s Run for Health. Indoor cycling wasn’t as intense because our staff knew we’d be helping families in need.

Danielle, CycleBar‘s instructor was very helpful in guiding our ride. All 5 staff members who joined did better than expected! In our class of 42+ volunteer riders, we placed mid-low range. None of us had ever taken a cycling class but really enjoyed the atmosphere. Many thanks to Amanda from ADMH for asking us to volunteer and setting everything up!



Movers for Mutts: Hall County Animal Shelter

Our staff visited Hall County Animal Shelter and couldn’t get enough of the pups and kittens! This fall, August 21-November 15, TWO MEN Lawrenceville is benefiting the Hall County Animal Shelter by collecting items for pets in need. Movers for Mutts in Atlanta is metro-wide effort to give back to shelters, non-profits and 501c3s who need extra help placing pets. In the Gwinnett and Hall areas, TWO MEN Lawrenceville is reaching out to two shelters. Look out for more info on our mini campaign with Alcovy Pet Rescue.


If you have any of the following items please bring them by our Suwanee office @ 1049 Industrial Ct Suite A, Suwanee, 30024:

-bath towels

-dish towels

-laundry detergent

-cat litter


-dry cat and kitten food 


Thinking about donating your time instead of items? Giving back can be a huge help! Volunteer with us in September. Stay tuned for details.

TWO MEN Lawrenceville/Suwanee is currently looking for community partners to help collect items for Hall County Animal Shelter’s fur babies. If interested in giving back during Movers for Mutts, please email us @ or DM us on Twitter.

Senior Moving

Helping loved ones settle into a new home after many years of memories, friendship and life events in their current home can be difficult. TWO MEN Lawrenceville takes our core value of treating everyone like we’d treat our Grandmothers seriously. Kin or not, we enjoy giving each family the utmost respect. Here’s a few tips on how to help your loved ones transition during their move:

  1. Create a digital photo album of the home they have all their memories in. Use 360 senior movingphotos on a touch-screen photo album for the most comfort.
  2. Donate together. Take unneeded items to a non-profit or collection facility together. This effort will help downsizing become one step easier.
  3. Host a “leaving the neighborhood” BBQ with family and friends. Fun and food bring people closer. Be sure to have their new address on hand for visitors!
  4. Arrange their new bedroom closely to their old bedroom. Let TWO MEN Lawrenceville bring and arrange in their favorite armoire and bookshelves. Our movers can help your loved one’s move become as seamless as possible.

Settling in can be tough for seniors. TWO MEN Lawrenceville can ensure more time with your loved ones during the transition. We’ve got the packing supplies, muscle and proper training to help your move become as efficient as possible.

College Move In Day

Shuffling school supplies, bedding, appliances and furniture into your new dorm, town house or on-campus apartment gets hectic. TWO MEN Lawrenceville has a few tips to prepare for dorm move in day.

  • dorm moving 3Bring a sibling or close relative for emotional support. Whether your parents annoy you, fully support you leaving the nest or are a little uneasy about being away from you until Thanksgiving break, a younger relative will be your best ally. When your parents have their meeting, your relative can direct our movers.
  • DM (direct message) your new roommate before move in day. Get to know them over a few texts, calls or meet ups if possible. Keep in contact before move in day to see when they’re planning on bringing everything upstairs.
  • Ask parents to help you settle in. Getting your family to move your new furniture, appliances, storage materials, technology and dorm essentials can get weird. By using TWO MEN Lawrenceville, your loved ones have time to let the college transition sink in. Plus, if you forgot an extra long charger they’ll go pick one up.
  • Leverage the move in day schedule. Plan out when meals, meeting and mandatory networking will happen. Eat an early breakfast with your family and go over the schedule with them.

Many of our movers, staff and franchisees enjoyed their college experience because of hired help. Consider using TWO MEN Lawrenceville for your student’s move day experience to spend more time helping them settle in.

Move Tip Tuesday

Know a student headed to college soon? They’re probably super excited and a little overwhelmed with packing, saying good-byes and making the most of summer. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville has a few tips for your favorite student:

  1. Ask an upperclassman what they wish they could have done on dorm move-in day. movign with students tip.jpgWisdom, experience and a few pointers from students who’ve been in school a little longer can drastically improve move-in day.
  2. Plan on trips back to see your family. Take the clothes you need, leave what you don’t. Thanksgiving break comes up really quick for Fall Semester classes. Plus, regular trips to see family members means less groceries, laundry expenses and more care packages!
  3. Plan on spending 2-4 hours on dorm move-day organizing with your new roommates. Figuring out where your favorite pens, indoor sweater and secret security blanket is in the dark is a nightmare. Avoid the drama by messaging your roommate/s ahead of time with settling in plans.


Think your college student has move day figured out? Let us know in the comments how they breeze through their move in day!

Looking for back to school ideas we have a board for that! pinterest_favicon-01 Back to School.