How to Unpack Quickly and Efficiently

Unpacking can be a daunting task. Here are a few tips from the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee team on how you can avoid stress and make the unpacking process as easy as possible.

Prepare beforehand when packing

A lot of the stress of unpacking can be diverted by packing efficiently. Before placing belongings into boxes or totes, be sure that they are organized, neat and localized for the rooms in your new house. For example, when packing up for a laundry room, be sure to only use one box and to not mix any of your laundry room items with bathroom items. This saves you from unnecessary walking when you’re unpacking.

Set yourself a deadline

Before moving into a new house, set a deadline for when all belongings should be unpacked. If there are any helpers available, give them one room to unpack each and offer them something once they’re finished. This could be anything, from a nice dinner to, if they’re your children, an allowance.

Pack a few days of essentials

A one-day bag of essentials will get you through your first night at a new house. A good essentials kit will have the following:

  • At least two days of outfits per person
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries and towels, including a toothbrush, body wash, and shampoo
  • Any cell phones or handheld devices
  • A pen and paper
  • Contact information for any leaser, renter, owner or manager

Prioritize how you unpack

Try to work on one room at a time, finishing one completely before moving on to another. Depending on the amount of time available for unpacking, a good rule to follow is one room per day. This should be easier if your boxes are packed with the first tip in mind.

Turning Your New Neighborhood Into Home

Many people have a hard time feeling connected to their new community. Here are a few tips on how to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood and make it feel like home.

When in Rome…

Do as the Romans do. See how your neighbors are spending their time. Do many of your neighbors have dogs? Perhaps there are some nice dog parks nearby. Are your neighbors joggers? It may be the perfect push to begin exercising. Many communities are different, and there are a lot of entertainment options that differ between cities and neighborhoods. Furthermore, drive around your neighborhood and become familiar with where everything is.

Make some conversation

Pairing with the last point, get to know your neighbors by striking up a conversation with them. This is a good way to begin understanding the culture of your new neighborhood. You can find out about local events through them and they can probably give you advice on local ordinances, local schools, or a homeowners association. Begin with a friendly wave at the mailbox. If you prefer digital interaction, try to find a neighborhood Facebook group or download community social media apps like Nextdoor.

Find stuff for your kids

If you have children, find some fun things that they can do as well. Research extra-curricular activities at their school. Encourage them to stay active and participate in academic clubs. Does their school have a music program? Studies show strong correlation between musical instruction and learning in other areas. Get involved in your school’s PTA program so you know what’s going on when your child is at school.

Get involved in local government

Shape the neighborhood you live in by participating in local politics. After registering to vote in your municipality, learn who the officials that represent you are. Ballotopedia is a nonpartisan website with a tool that allows you to do this. Learn about the issues affecting your community and attend town hall meetings. Speak up about the issues that matter to you in open forums. These are just a few ways you can become a more involved and knowledgeable citizen of your neighborhood.

How to Move Your Car Long Distances

Transporting a vehicle can be one of the last things you plan for when moving. These are some of the things you need to know when shipping a car or truck.

Choose an open or enclosed carrier

Car carriers are trailers specifically designed to transport passenger vehicles. They usually carry 7-9 vehicles at a time.

While open carriers are most popular, it can make more sense to use an enclosed carrier if you own an expensive or exotic car and want to protect it from the elements. Enclosed carriers are usually more costly and difficult to schedule. On the other hand, open carriers are pretty much the standard for car dealerships and manufacturers, so it’ll be easier to find one already going along your route.

Empty your car before loading it

It may be enticing to pack your car before handing it off to the carrier; you won’t be driving it and there’s all that empty space inside, right? You may want to think again. There’s a chance it may be damaged or worse, missing from the trailer. Also, auto insurance (which you should definitely have when moving) usually doesn’t cover items left inside your car that get damaged or stolen.

Know the time-frame beforehand

Shipping a car can take up to 2 weeks, depending on your carrier’s schedule and how far you’re moving. If the place you’re moving to is less populated, time can be added due to a limited supply of haulers. If you can’t be without your car for that long, you should rent a car while your car is being moved. Make plans for this ahead of time, and incorporate any costs associated with moving your car into your moving budget so there are no surprise costs.

We know that the minutiae of moving can be difficult to plan for, and while we don’t offer vehicle moving services, we’d love to give you resources to point you in the right direction. You can call the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee team at (470) 336-1398 for more information.

Why You Should Empty Drawers Before Moving

Moving is an extensive process. There are a lot of little things you may forget about or not even think to do. Emptying dresser drawers is definitely one of those things. Here are a few reasons why this is a good idea from your TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee team.

You could lose or damage the contents

On the journey from your old abode to your new one, there’s a lot of movement involved. From packing to driving to unpacking, there’s a not-so-significant chance that something could escape from a drawer or dresser. When moving dressers, movers will likely have to tilt and carry drawers up or down stairs. The chance of damage to your dresser intensifies when there are items inside it, as they make the drawers more likely to open when handled.

You can lose your privacy

Trust us, movers have no interest in what’s inside your dresser. It’s understandable to keep more important possessions easily accessible, so emptying personal contents from your furniture can help avoid any embarrassment or worry about the privacy of your belongings during your move.

There could be damage to walls and floors

As mentioned in the first point, items left in drawers can weigh them down and make it worse if the drawers open during moving. Usually, movers have to tilt dressers to get them to fit through doorways and tight spots. If a drawer opens while maneuvering the dresser, there’s a high risk of it damaging a frame, wall or floor.

Not doing so could hurt your movers

Moving is a physically demanding job where you have to carry heavy items for hours . It’s definitely not a job meant for the weak. That being said, the risk of injury while moving an item directly correlates to the weight of the item being moved. If you lighten the weight of your dresser by removing your items, it can drastically lower the chance of injury.

The dresser could be damaged

Drawer slide

Paired with the risk of damage to walls and floors, there’s also a risk of damage to the dresser itself when you don’t remove its contents during a move. If a drawer shoots open and falls off track when the dresser is being handled, it could misaligned the drawer slides and force you to replace them. Wood can also be chipped or damaged if it hits something.

How to Prevent Damage to Furniture While Moving

When moving, your belongings come in very different shapes and sizes. It’s important to properly protect your bigger items from damage during your move. Here are a few ways how to do that, brought to you by the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee team.

Be prepared with supplies

It’s important to have everything you need for you move ready beforehand. For bigger appliances and furniture, it’s important to have moving blankets, furniture pads, furniture covers, bubble wrap and a toolset. The toolset is especially important for moving furniture, as it makes disassembly a lot easier if it’s required. As for the other items, they help to protect your large belongings and avoid damage.

Disassemble what you can

With the toolset, try taking apart big pieces of furniture. Not only does this make moving easier, it also reduces the chance of damage and injury. You can also save up valuable space in your moving truck.

Wrap up things properly

This is where your bubble wrap and moving blankets become useful. For wooden furniture, use bubble wrap and tape. For upholstered items, cover them with plastic covers or moving blankets. Don’t be conservative with protection! Cover every surface of the furniture you think may get damaged and make sure it’s secure on the moving truck so that nothing gets shaken out of place while it’s being moved.

Know where things are going

The way you pack your moving truck is as important to protection of your belongings as moving them is. Have a rough idea of where you’re going to place each item of furniture on your truck. Don’t put anything fragile in risky places. Use your moving blankets as padding and place them between items in the truck.

You can also color-coordinate your moving boxes according to which room the box will go. Try making a map on paper, and use a sheet protector if it’s going to be a rainy moving day.

Hire a moving company

Movers are professionally trained in moving, so they know how to protect your belongings. Most moving companies, including TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville/Suwanee, offer free padding to avoid damage during moves and tools to disassemble and reassemble most items. While hiring one of these companies may seem expensive, it may be worth it in the long-run when you think about damages or injury you could incur by moving yourself. Give us a call to discuss your moving options at (470) 336-1398.

NOTE: The TMT movers cannot reassemble furniture that was taken apart by customers. Furthermore, TMT cannot disconnect washer/dryer lines, but customers can save $100 by doing it before the movers arrive.

4 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Your Movers

There are a lot of moving parts (get it?) involved when you hire a moving company. Certainly the most important are the people who actually complete your move. While our TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Lawrenceville movers will always do their best to get the job done, there are a lot of things you can do to make their job (and your move) easier.

Know where they should park

This is probably one of the most important things you should do before a move. Living communities, cities and municipalities can often have restrictions about where large vehicles can park. Movers have to stop what they’re doing, close the truck’s ramp and secure items in the trailer if there’s a parking issue during the move. This adds time to your move, and ultimately adds cost to your final bill. Save time and money by knowing where movers should park beforehand.

Clear a path to the moving truck

Moving can understandably make your home look like a disorganized mess of packed boxes, loose items and scattered furniture. Movers are trained to create an adequate path through your house to the moving truck. This is pretty simple and doing it beforehand can save time and let your movers get straight to work once they arrive.

Try to have water or refreshments available

While definitely not required, it’s always appreciated to have water or refreshments available for your movers. This polite gesture can help them stay hydrated and give them extra energy during the move. It could also prevent them from needing to leave your home to buy snacks or water. Lastly, it may be a good idea to tell them that any refreshments provided are simply a convenience, as movers may assume that accepting drinks or food may mean they won’t be tipped.

Stay out of the way when needed

Involvement during the moving process is crucial in making sure the move is completed properly. This being said, knowing when to stay out of the way is important as well. While it may seem polite, movers will rarely need assistance from clients. Be sure to give the movers a quick house tour when they arrive and instruct them on exactly which items you’d like moved. Tell them you’ll be available if they have any questions, and let them do their job.

Preparing for the Holiday Season

Christmas is coming up, and you know what that means. Getting the tree out, setting up the lawn decorations, and placing the home decor. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Suwanee is here to give you some advice on just how to prepare for the holidays.

Plan events for the family

Make an impression this year by planning fun and memorable activities to do with your family. Try looking for events in your community like lighting ceremonies, Christmas parades, ice skating, and holiday festivals. Live close to any special sights? They may be hosting an event for Christmas as well.

Bake and cook deserts beforehand

There are a ton of recipes online for snacks you can prepare and freeze in preparation for the holiday season. This includes cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes.

Shop ahead

Avoid last-minute gift buying by making a list of those you plan on giving a present to. Choose what you want to buy them and buy those items early. Items like TVs, video games, phones, game systems, home appliances, or cameras are usually sold at a discounted price on Black Friday, so you may want to buy these items then. Be sure to research Black Friday deals to make sure you’re getting a good bargain.

Make reservations for travel

Last-minute airplane tickets and hotel room bookings are known for being horribly expensive. Making plans a month or two in advance is advisable if you want the best rates.

Get a head start by de-cluttering

Organizing your house early in the holiday season makes it a lot less stressful if you choose to host any guests. This also makes room for any decorations you choose to display.

Moving a heavy gift?

Let us help. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK offers pickup and delivery services at a competitive rate. Give us a call for more information and prices.

Hiring Drivers and Movers in Gainesville, Georgia

Our new Gainesville office is hiring! Must have a valid Georgia driver’s license, be 21-years-old or older and have a clean MVR.

Apply here:

Launch your career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® as a driver/mover and discover the opportunities for growth or movement.

As a driver/mover, you will provide world class customer service experience in the handling of each customer’s possessions. Driver/movers with a background in the following do very well in this position.

  • Construction
  • Warehouse work
  • Forklift Operators
  • General Labor

Must pass pre-employment drug screen and background check prior to starting.

Drivers are required to also move furniture.

Drivers range from $13 -17/hour depending on experience.
****Top employees average $1,500 a month in tips!!!

To be considered: please apply @

1009 Airport St, Gainesville, GA 30501-7229, United States

Prepping Your New Home for Moving Day

You just got the keys to your new house and walk in for the first time. If you’re able to, there are a few things that can do to your future home to prepare it for moving day. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Lawrenceville/Suwanee is here to tell you just what those things are.

Cover the plugs

This is especially important if you have pets or small children. While injuries from electrocution are rare, it’s better to be on the safe side. Outlet plugs are very inexpensive and you can find them in bulk at almost any hardware store.

Change the locks

Locks should be changed any time that a house changes owners. New residents have no idea who has copies of the old key. If you’re tech-savvy or want to dip your toe in smart home devices, consider buying a smart lock.

Clean it up

If your new house is pre-owned, it may not be in the best condition. Before you load it up with your possessions, be sure to give the carpet a good vacuum and sweep any hard surface floors. Cleaning the cabinets is a good idea, as people don’t clean that area very often. It may even be easier to hire a cleaning service to give your interior a touch-up.

Install window treatments

Window treatments are particularly tricky to install. It’s going to be easier to go ahead and have them finished before you start moving all of your belongings into your house. Home Depot has a great selection of window treatments that you can check out here.

Have mechanical equipment serviced

Mechanical equipment like HVACs, boilers, furnaces and heat pumps usually require yearly servicing. Go ahead and have them cleaned and serviced to start a baseline for their upkeep. Shop around for contracts as well; they can save you from expensive emergency visits and there’s usually a discount for service plans.

Install new switch plates and other devices

Many old or renovated homes have dirty outlets, mismatched cover plates or different air vent covers. Go ahead and make all of them uniform and choose some that match your home’s unique style. Likewise for the door lock, there are also “smart outlets” and “smart thermostats” that you can connect to the internet and control from your phone or smart assistant (Siri, Echo, etc).

Our Moving Team in Suwanee and Lawrenceville

Here at the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Suwanee and Lawrenceville offices, we’re proud of our local, full-time drivers and movers.

We screen our applicants to ensure our team is top-notch. This includes drug-testing, background checks and a requirement that all drivers have a clean driving history. Security is our NUMBER ONE concern when you entrust us with protecting your belongings. We work hard to keep your possessions in good hands so you can move worry-free.

Our movers start out at $13 per hour and our drivers start out at $14 per hour, varying with experience. With time, movers and drivers can reach $17 per hour. Top employees also average about $1,500 per month in tips!

If you’re interested in joining our team, we have openings in our Gainesville office! You can click here for more information.